West Water Outlaws

West Water Outlaws

9/15/2014 - 9/16/2014
9:30 pm - 2:00 am

The high energy rock ‘n’ roll band West Water Outlaws from Boulder, Colorado was formed in early 2010 playing parties in the basement of singer Blake Rooker’s house. During the mass explosion of DJ software and macbook pros, not many parties in Boulder featured live rock bands. The rock parties were a hit and the band began playing in bars and local clubs for a small fee of beer and food. All four members have a strong foundation in blues/rock music which many listeners recognize as a classic sound but each and every one of those listeners can tell you something unique and innovative about The Outlaws. In the mind of the band, rock and roll is not a passed genre that they are attempting to revive, yet a continuous staple of music that challenges them to evolve their writing style and develop their own creativity. “We’re just four guys playing instruments in the way that makes sense to us- the fact that it comes out rock and roll is completely separate.” – Will Buck.  

Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats

Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats

9:30 pm

"Like a wandering mysterious traveller, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats don’t quite belong in country, or folk, nor alternative, yet they spend their days smoothly passing
through each, leaving an identifiable and memorable fusion of all.”
-Nanobot Rock Reviews


9:30 pm

Portland Oregon's own Shafty takes on Phish!!!

Klozd Sirkut

9:30 pm

Fresh and hot from the Pacific Northwest, KLOZD SIRKUT is a synthesis of electronic dance music with next level, live musicianship and brilliant songwriting. Acutely aware that the future is now, four well seasoned funk musicians harness the latest advances in music technology, embarking on a mission to rock the modern club scene with old school musical know how and pure groove. 

Each member of KLOZD SIRKUT produces diverse sounds from unique, hybrid, electro instrumental setups.  They perform on one or more instrument, sing, lay down pre-recorded loops and samples on the spot.   It's all layered with some very special effects and a hard groovin', beat driven framework that's pounded firmly into place.  The dance floor is at their mercy.  

Aces Up

Aces Up

9:30 pm

It has long been said that country music belongs in the South, but the Enumclaw, WA based group

Aces Up is challenging that notion. With a unique blend of blue collar country and the raw energy of the famous Seattle rock scene, they deliver hard hitting, boot stomping, feel good country music that consistently sells out the Northwest’s premier venues. In addition to receiving national airplay, Aces Up has shared the stage with country music artists Gretchen Wilson, Jake Owen, The Band Perry, Uncle Kracker,  Florida Georgia Line, Jack Ingram, Steve Holy, Emerson Drive and many more.



The Higgs

The Higgs

9:30 pm

When you gather a group of exceptional, individual artists and mash them together to create one sound it can often be wild and unruly, but also truly explosive and gratifying. Stemming from all over Southern California, “The Higgs” are an eclectic combination of all things improv rock. The bands first self-titled album artfully combines influences ranging from blues to funk to R&B all culminating in an exciting, heavy rock and roll experience. “The Higgs” are first and foremost a live band that produces an overwhelming energy and a new improvisational experience every time they take the stage, making it easy for any music lover to join in on the festive dance party. Their depth of musical exploration is projected through emotional guitar lines, and provocative rhythms. Lyrically, the band all contributes their personal experiences with life, love, loss, and the constant search for purpose and direction.

Tha Native

Tha Native

9:30 pm

Well known nationwide for his high-caliber hip hop, hot new music video and Billboard top 10 single, Tha Native is poised to take Native American Hip Hop to another level - straight to
the top. Tha Native's Musical journey began like many others; Playing bars and clubs around southern california, freqenting large festivals and hip hop events - trying to spread his
message. Tha Native is a volume of musical tastes and experiences - He draws inspiration from a wide variety of musical influences, from country crooners to hip hop legends, and this is
evident in his music. After multiple successful nationwide tours - with both his rock band Dog Faced Gods and his Hip Hop expertise - Tha Native is ready to take the next step and claim
his place at the top of the charts.

Down North

Down North

9:30 pm

Down North masterfully mixes underground rock and party-fueling soul,

regularly lifting up audiences that have been craving new soul sounds

from the city that gave the world Wheedle’s Groove and Jimi Hendrix.


Down North’s upcoming new line-up debut will still feature the bold

and sensual talents of lead vocalist/dancer Anthony “RenaGade”

Briscoe, whose North Carolina-bred approach to making fans swoon has

no equal in the Pacific NW scene. Raised on Michael Jackson and Sam

Cooke, Anthony is as stylish and emotional as Prince in his vocal

expressions. Co-leader Brandon Storms is an extremely versatile

bassist-guitarist who writes much of the music and taps into his love

for everything from Hendrix to James Jamerson in making tunes both

infectious and substantial.


The recent additions of Drum Off! award-winning and crowd-amping

player Conrad Real (drummer for Ayron Jones and The Way and Society’s

Child as well) and the neo-psychedelic trills of Jon Preece make the

band an unusual and extremely welcome addition to the regional music

scene. Depending on whim (and the size of the stage!), Down North

expands to a seven piece, integrating horns and other players to help

deliver their dazzling grooves.


They’ll probably also transcend to higher level of acclaim very soon;

early single “Danger” was played on MTV’s The Real World even before

this killer line-up was settled on. Newer meatier cuts like “So What,”

“Your World,” “Running,” and “Heartbreaker/Revolution” (which features

the Black Rock psyche-outs of guest legendary axeman Jabrille) reveal

the band moving in even edgier, sweatier musical realms.



9:30 pm

KYTAMI is a "violinistextremist."   If a line exists between classical and electronic, between ancient and new age, synthetic and organic, Kytami has sliced them all using only a violin bow... but what more does she need?

Apparently nothing at all, as Kytami has already been dubbed a 'music revolutionary' by Whats Up Magazine USA, a 'violinextremist' here at home, and has been summoned to bring her violin thunder to audiences as far reaching as Taiwan, Dubai and Berlin.

Through an alchemy of classical, fiddle styles fused with the heavy bass elements of Dubstep and Hip Hop, Kytami has managed to soar above not only the constraints of musical genre and labeling, but has forged a path so bold and unique that it's taken her alongside groups from Swollen Members to acoustic punk rockers Blackie and The Triumphs and today she is regularly dubbed Canada's most diverse and engaging fiddle player.

After co-founding the critically acclaimed global-fusion sound-storm Delhi 2 Dublin in 2006 and subsequently co-songwriting them toward international musical success until 2010, Kytami surged forward with her own solo career, bringing the essence of her music to audiences in its purest possible form. The 2012 release of her eponymous full-length solo album made this a reality by combining the far flung elements of Classical Music,  Dubstep, and the world that only Kytami knows.       

Gypsy Lumberjacks

Gypsy Lumberjacks

9:30 pm

Gypsy Lumberjacks are a Minneapolis based Americana band with a sound consisting of a mix of World Beat, Flamenco, Caribbean, Gypsy Jazz and Bluegrass.  With such a range of influences, there is something for everyone to latch on to in the music.  Known for never performing with a set list, Gypsy Lumberjacks prefer to rely on each other’s leads and changes.  This isn’t to say that the songs fall into a set pattern.  The Lumberjacks rarely play a song the exact same way twice or in the same order.  Even after touring relentlessly for nearly five years now, the older songs are still evolving and finding new life any given night they are performed.  Not to mention that new songs are consistently being introduced into the repertoire 

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