Randy McAllister

9:30 pm

Randy McAllister is one of the premier singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist to emerge from Texas. Heartbreak, humor, high hair and tall Texas tales all play a part in the song writing of Randy McAllister. His music has been hailed as some of the most original and innovative being made today. While comparison's are not easy, it has been said that his music is a cross between Doug Sahm, John Hiatt and Delbert McClinton, with a blues man's background and sensibilities thrown into the mix.

OSO Negro

9:30 pm

A recovering scientist, Oso Negro dedicated his present to hip-hop +. He can't relate to much now-a-days, so he's decided to make music of his life and time. "Breachin' kids thoughts, but aiming at the minds of men, finding them fighting tidal strength." With a twist of reggae & a splash of crooning, Oso mixes it up, keeping it fun & stimulating

Asher Fulero Band

9:30 pm

Prolific Keyboardist/Producer Asher Fulero (Everyone Orchestra, Scott Law, Halo Refuser, Floydian Slips, Crystal Bowersox, Surrounded By Ninjas, Scott Pemberton, Shimshai, Jah Levi) is an all-around hero of studio and stage on the west coast and beyond for the last 10+ years. His exciting new project is an energetic, funky rockin’ jam-band of the highest caliber, playing a solid mix of catchy and imaginative original vocal songs, exploratory psychedelic fusion instrumental originals, and the occasional cover of a favorite classic. Songs by Pink Floyd, Phish, Steely Dan, or Peter Gabriel might appear amidst a Funky Meters or Grant Green jam, all re-worked live within the band's fun, open-format, improvisatory setting and jet-powered by Fulero's inspired flights of extreme piano technique and the band's shared interest in the space where tight songs meet group improvisation.

Ayron Jones and The Way

9:30 pm

Raw, Soulful, Electrifiying, Sexy. Seattle songwriter Ayron Jones’ mature sound bleeds out with an intimate, rich, fresh style – Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Nirvana.

F2D (Funky 2 Death)

9:30 pm

In-FUNKIN-sane. In-FUNKIN-credible. Un-FUNKIN-believable.

DJ DarkBlood (NO COVER)

10:00 pm

Gypsy Lumberjacks

9:30 pm

Known for having never performed with setlist, Gypsy Lumberjacks prefer to rely on each other’s leads and changes. This isn’t to say that the songs fall into a set pattern. The Lumberjacks rarely play a song the exact same way twice or in the same order. Even after touring relentlessly for nearly four years now, the older songs are still evolving and finding new life any given night they are performed. Not to mention that new songs are consistently being introduced into the repertoire (which now boasts nearly four hours of original music and countless covers). With a sound consisting of a mix of World Beat, Flamenco, Caribbean, Gypsy Jazz, and Bluegrass, there is something there for everyone to latch on to.


9:30 pm

Mbrascatu is a fusion of the cobbled streets and cafés of the Old World and the creative melting pot of Portland. The band is a group of talented musicians that draw from very different musical backgrounds to create a unique blend of sounds encompassing European and American roots.


9:30 pm

““You don’t need to understand Andrea Algieri’s huskily sung Italian lyrics to appreciate Mbrascatu’s refreshing take on local/world indie rock. Their songs fluidly transition from joyfully raucous rock to low-key folk to psychedelic jams, all while maintaining the integrity of the band’s unique sound. While rarely taking the spotlight, the violin acts as a perfect complement to Algieri’s vocals while threading its own distinctive, cohesive voice through the music. Allow yourself to get swept up in the unabashed joy of their live shows, where it doesn’t matter if you look cool dancing and clapping to the band’s sheer exuberance. Mbrascatu’s rich, textured sound isn’t fully represented in their studio recordings; the live performance is where this band truly shines.” AMII” — Metaturtleblog.com June 13, 2014.

WhiteWater Ramble

9:30 pm

Described as High-Octane Rocky Mountain DanceGrass, Whitewater Ramble (WWR) uses a simple recipe to craft its sound: start with bluegrass instrumentation, add drums, and finish with a boundary-less approach to grassing-up everything from disco house grooves to roots to Americana.

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